My Los Angeliversary

Happy New Year!

As far as how I ended out the year this is all you need to know:

Yes, I met THE Bawse herself. Finally. And I totally spazzed out, but she was super sweet. What a way to end the year. I feel pumped and ready to conquer life!

As many of you already know the New Year is my favorite holiday. Fresh starts, resolutions…I am so on board with those. So, I didn’t complete a lot of what was on my list for last year. However, I did complete a lot in general and that’s what’s important right? Here’s my list:

-Took a belly dancing class
-Took an astrology class
-Went to 3 concerts
-Met Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Lilly Singh
-Went to comedy shows
-Went to tapings of Not Too Deep
-Went to the Women’s March
-Went to Burning Man
-Met up with Emilie Autumn and Orphan Black fans
-Read 27 books
-Moved to LA
-Found an apartment
-Found a job
-Found a better job and one I’m passionate about

That’s pretty epic. I can’t believe I’ve been here a year already. Time flew by. My take on LA? It’s amazing! I never thought I’d love where I live so much. I always loved Seattle, but never actually felt like I lived there. I rarely left my apartment. Here in LA I’ve found myself to be more adventurous, daring, and willing to go out into the world and DO things.

So, looking forward. I was lacking a lot of motivation to make goals for myself this New Year’s Eve. I was feeling pretty lazy. My main goal for this year is to not focus so much on perfection. I always, like most everyone, get all geared up with my resolutions and it lasts a month or two. Then, I miss a day of working out and I feel like it’s all gone to shit. This year, I want to work on going easy on myself. I still have a lot of goals, but I’m going to approach them differently this year. I like to make a ton of resolutions. It gives me something to focus on. When I feel a lack of motivation as the year goes by, I can always pick a different resolution to work on, never running out of ideas.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to hang out by myself on New Year’s Eve, make my resolutions, and watch Dirty 30. While I absolutely love the time I have to myself to reflect on the year and relax, my goal for next year is to have a lot of friends to celebrate with. I imagine myself on a rooftop in LA with a lot of people. I’ll work on manifesting this is 2019.

I wish everyone the best year! Keep an eye out here for some changes (yeah I’ve been saying that all year I know…but for real this time!)

-Amy Uncharted

Neurotic Introvert

Anyone ever heard of the term Ambivert? A person whose personality has a balance of introvert and extrovert features. While I would say I still lean towards being an introvert on most days, I definitely get extroverted bursts.

I learned this term while listening to an Impact Theory podcast with Vanessa Van Edwards.  How to Liberate Yourself from Social Anxiety. Video below.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this one people. I started listening and honestly couldn’t help but pull out a notebook and start taking notes.

One of the coolest things I learned was the Big 5 Personality Traits. Or OCEAN.

O- Openness. How adventurous you are.
C- Conscientious. How organized you are or how you like routine.
E- Extroversion. How you like being around people.
A- Agreeableness. How you work in teams.
N- Neurotic. How you approach worry.

There is a test you can take here to figure out where you stand on this scale.

I’m basically a highly neurotic introvert who doesn’t typically seek out new experiences. I’m improving on that last bit there.

I was so intrigued when Vanessa was speaking about having a neurotic personality. It sounds so negative, but it really just means that people on the highly neurotic scale have a harder time self-soothing. They are more likely to hang motivational quotes around their house (hello, my room is a god damn inspirational poster) because they need external reminders that everything is going to be okay. High neurotics also have a harder time producing serotonin.

My biggest take away here was the importance of “knowing how you are wired versus fighting it”.  I feel like I’ve spent half my life fighting how I am, and I’m looking at myself for the first time with a new pair of eyes. So thank you Impact Theory and Vanessa Van Edwards!

I obviously couldn’t resist buying Vanessa’s book “Captivate: The Science to Succeeding with People”. You can get it on Amazon here. I will probably do a book review at some point.

Hope you all are able to listen to the podcast and learn a bit more about yourself. Let me know how you rank on the Big 5 Personality Test!

Neurotically yours,

Harry Potter Rant and Review


I’m rereading Harry Potter this year. I’m currently on book 5, The Order of the Phoenix. It is by far my least favorite book and movie in the series.

  1. It’s super long, which wouldn’t be an issue if the movie was actually 2 parts. Instead they condensed it into one. Important and necessary pieces were cut, and I just can’t get past that.
  2. Harry is so bitchy and continues to be so after this book. He insists on doing everything himself, refusing the help of his friends. I can relate, but I honestly have to put the book down sometimes just to roll my eyes.
  3. I want to shake Harry and just say “Dammit Harry, just listen to and trust Dumbledore!” His refusal to be cooperative with Snape regarding Occlumency just drives me nuts. Yes, Snape is awful to him, but again…trust Dumbledore!

I haven’t read these books in about 3 years so I’m forgetting a lot of the details. I’m sure there is more that I just can’t stand. I’m 3/4 of the way through. I just need to keep on keepin’ on.

My process this reread is reading the book and then watching the movie. This one is going to be rough with all the changes that were made and the actual events being fresh in my mind.

Anyone else an avid Harry Potter fan? Do you have a book or movie that you just hate?

-Amy Uncharted



Inspiration from the Greats

Oh my god I’m so nervous. My new job starts in T-minus 1.5 hours (I got here 2.5 hours early 😛 ). I’m at the nearby Starbucks in the meantime. I don’t even know what I’m nervous about. It could be left over anxiety from driving here. The drive went find I swear I’m just a mess of nerves.

AHHHH! Okay so I’m just going to post some gifs. This is entirely for myself, so I’m sorry if this post is boring.

Today I will be channeling Lilly Singh. The ultimate BAWSE. And Mamrie Hart. Both strong, amazing women who would totally walk into this job with their head high and just totally knock the first day out of the park.

Kickin’ ass today like:


Walkin’ into job like:



Hard to read that bit, but it says “You are so much stronger than you think you are.” Words of wisdom from Lilly to Mamrie and to myself. Well, here we go!

-Amy Uncharted

Now…where were we?

Let me catch y’all up to speed here. I deleted a couple posts because they were posted in haste when I was angry and needing to vent. And I know I worried some. I see you fam 🙂 Plus, it just took away from the professional tone I’m trying to voice here. I want this blog to kind of go somewhere someday. I’d like it to look pretty. I’d like to offer good advice. And most importantly, I’d like to hopefully inspire people to go out into what can be a scary world and genuinely be themselves.

So basically what happened: I quit my job and literally less than a week later my car’s transmission blew. I was maintaining a positive attitude, but then I got entirely overwhelmed with the fact that I had no source of income, and I was being told it was going to cost $6000 to fix. I stopped applying for the PA jobs that I wanted and started applying for customer service gigs again, and I was getting interview requests. Needless to say, I was disheartened.

Fast forward to now: My brother knew a better mechanic than the one I was working with and we got the cost down to around $2000. I got a rental car because…wait for it…I got a job as a PA working for a YouTube channel! I’m pretty stoked. I’m borrowing a ton of money from my family which is so, so hard for me to do, but I’m thankful they are willing and able to help me out. So things are looking up.

I’m still feeling overwhelmed because I generally just don’t do well with change. Here I am driving a car I’m not comfortable in AND starting a new job, but I can do it. This is such a huge stepping stone for me and gets me so much closer to the big goals I have. For once I feel like I’m headed in some kind of direction. The direction I may have been meant to go this whole time.

So, this is going to be a hectic but fun week. Buckle up everyone!

-Amy Uncharted


Positively Grateful

Welp, it’s quite possible the transmission in my car went out. And yet, huzzah! I still feel positive about life. I’m unemployed, have no way to pay for this car issue, and will probably have to take out a hefty loan, but ya know what? Life is pretty good. Again, I am acing this Reckless Optimism.

Gratitude journals are all the rage and I can’t say I’ve hopped on that train, but it’s been more of a mental thing for me since quitting my job. I feel I have more to be grateful for now.

-I am breathing and my heart beats normally
-I am educated
-I have the most easy going cat
-I have a place to live
-I have access to clean water

The list goes on. How cheesy am I being right now?

I just feel good. That is all.

-Amy Uncharted

OOOHHH also I forgot to wish everyone a happy MONDAY October FIRST. I love when the beginning of the month lands on a Monday. Maybe that’s why I’m feelin’ so good.