Life is beautiful

I’ve found myself being extremely sentimental. Sentimental for the farm. Sentimental about my move to LA and the friends I’ve made thus far. Sentimental about old relationships…I could go on.

I went to the beach yesterday to just reflect on my life, meditate, and think about all the goals I have. The beach has always held a special place in my heart. I would run away there quite frequently when I lived in Washington. Difference is that was a 3-4 hour drive whereas here it’s a 20 minute trip tops. I sat in the sand staring at the ocean, listening to Billie Eilish and taking photos. Then wandered the Santa Monica Pier people watching. It was so beautiful. I found myself getting sentimental again about nature and humans and inhabiting this universe. Sometimes it feels as if this world is so screwed up. Yesterday I felt positive that we are all doing our best and things will be okay. A privileged point of view I know.

I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head. Ones that I would mention here, but I’m on borrowed computer time (I decided to walk to a small coffee shop where there is only 30 minutes of free internet) but I’m trying to do a monthly check in from here on out.

If anyone has any ideas for writing prompts, I’m taking suggestions. I feel a bit blocked and would really  like to write more while staying on the theme of introvertedness and living in LA. Shoot me an email or comment here with ideas!

-Amy Uncharted

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