A *Not So* Quick Update

I’ve neglected AmyUncharted this year. See, I started a Bullet Journal (aka BuJo) and it’s kind of everything. I’m able to be all artsy in it, write without censoring, and plan my days/weeks/months ahead of time. Bullet Journaling has really helped me stick to my goals and monitor my habits. I’ve consistently been reading for 45 minutes a day, taken my Biotin each morning (really hoping for some healthy hair and nails), done tarot readings while journaling results and seeking patterns, and started eating 3 meals a day. I absolutely love doodling in it. I have stickers, stencils, pretty markers and pencils. Basically it’s super satisfying for someone who is a bit of a perfectionist and routine-based but wants to branch off and be a little creative. So, that’s why I haven’t been here in a bit. I started this blog for several reasons: a brain dump/free write place for myself, a way to update family and friends on my LA journey, and finally (hopefully) a place for other introverts to learn from my successes and mistakes. That last one I’m still working on. I’m not quite sure how to generate more traffic here. And right now I’m okay basically talking to myself.

So an update on the life of AmyUncharted: Life.Is.Good. I went to Sketchfest in San Francisco mid January to watch live tapings of Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig and This Might Get Weird. I met up with a good group of people and had a lot of fun. And of course at the end of the night we met Grace and Mamrie. It was my first time meeting Grace and she was super nice, giving everyone a nice hello and hug. Mamrie actually remembered me too. I’ve met her enough times that she actually remembered me. ME. I can’t tell you how exciting and validating it is to be seen by someone you completely admire. Being and feeling seen by anyone is so important. And I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the experiences I’ve had.

I also had another amazing “oh my god I so look up to you thank you for talking to me” moment this month. Remember this blog: Neurotic Introvert I posted back in November? Well, I finally got around to reading Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards. I was so blown away by it, and I did something I’ve never done before. I emailed her. Just to say a quick thank you and tell her how much I enjoyed the book. I didn’t expect anything from it. A day and a half later I received an email back from her. WHAT?! It was pretty amazing to have a dialog with, yet again, someone I totally admire. I learned so much from that book and am amazed that Vanessa took time out of her day to respond.

Overall life has been pretty amazing. My mood has improved drastically since changing career paths a few months ago. I can’t explain what it feels like to actually enjoy going to my job everyday. It’s hard work for sure. Long hours. I’m TIRED. And I’m still broke, but I don’t hate my life. For the first time in 19 years of working, I’m actually proud of what I do and happy to be doing it.

Also something that’s kind of blowing my mind. It’s been 3 years since “the breakup”. I feel like I’ve finally been able to distance myself from all those memories so they don’t hurt as much. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss Sondra or think about her every now and again. I do, and I wish friendship was a possibility. I have remained single by choice and also not by choice over these years and am really enjoying who I’ve become and am becoming. I have done so much in 3 years. I’ve grown so much in 3 years. For that I am thankful for that relationship and the ending of it. To quote Ariana Grande “Thank U, Next”. Not quite sure I’m ready for the “next” part though. Dating apps are shallow and making friends is hard. Besides that I’m absolutely petrified to find someone again. Let the Universe do what it will.

I think I’ve updated you all on everything. Social life, work life, and love life. Yep, check, check, and check. So, AmyUncharted is doing pretty well over here. I’ll try and blog more consistently this month. But if I fail, just know that I’m BuJo-ing it up!

Thanks for the few people who read this. It’s my little brain baby that keeps evolving and I do hope that I’m evolving with it.



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