My Los Angeliversary

Happy New Year!

As far as how I ended out the year this is all you need to know:

Yes, I met THE Bawse herself. Finally. And I totally spazzed out, but she was super sweet. What a way to end the year. I feel pumped and ready to conquer life!

As many of you already know the New Year is my favorite holiday. Fresh starts, resolutions…I am so on board with those. So, I didn’t complete a lot of what was on my list for last year. However, I did complete a lot in general and that’s what’s important right? Here’s my list:

-Took a belly dancing class
-Took an astrology class
-Went to 3 concerts
-Met Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Lilly Singh
-Went to comedy shows
-Went to tapings of Not Too Deep
-Went to the Women’s March
-Went to Burning Man
-Met up with Emilie Autumn and Orphan Black fans
-Read 27 books
-Moved to LA
-Found an apartment
-Found a job
-Found a better job and one I’m passionate about

That’s pretty epic. I can’t believe I’ve been here a year already. Time flew by. My take on LA? It’s amazing! I never thought I’d love where I live so much. I always loved Seattle, but never actually felt like I lived there. I rarely left my apartment. Here in LA I’ve found myself to be more adventurous, daring, and willing to go out into the world and DO things.

So, looking forward. I was lacking a lot of motivation to make goals for myself this New Year’s Eve. I was feeling pretty lazy. My main goal for this year is to not focus so much on perfection. I always, like most everyone, get all geared up with my resolutions and it lasts a month or two. Then, I miss a day of working out and I feel like it’s all gone to shit. This year, I want to work on going easy on myself. I still have a lot of goals, but I’m going to approach them differently this year. I like to make a ton of resolutions. It gives me something to focus on. When I feel a lack of motivation as the year goes by, I can always pick a different resolution to work on, never running out of ideas.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to hang out by myself on New Year’s Eve, make my resolutions, and watch Dirty 30. While I absolutely love the time I have to myself to reflect on the year and relax, my goal for next year is to have a lot of friends to celebrate with. I imagine myself on a rooftop in LA with a lot of people. I’ll work on manifesting this is 2019.

I wish everyone the best year! Keep an eye out here for some changes (yeah I’ve been saying that all year I know…but for real this time!)

-Amy Uncharted

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