Harry Potter Rant and Review


I’m rereading Harry Potter this year. I’m currently on book 5, The Order of the Phoenix. It is by far my least favorite book and movie in the series.

  1. It’s super long, which wouldn’t be an issue if the movie was actually 2 parts. Instead they condensed it into one. Important and necessary pieces were cut, and I just can’t get past that.
  2. Harry is so bitchy and continues to be so after this book. He insists on doing everything himself, refusing the help of his friends. I can relate, but I honestly have to put the book down sometimes just to roll my eyes.
  3. I want to shake Harry and just say “Dammit Harry, just listen to and trust Dumbledore!” His refusal to be cooperative with Snape regarding Occlumency just drives me nuts. Yes, Snape is awful to him, but again…trust Dumbledore!

I haven’t read these books in about 3 years so I’m forgetting a lot of the details. I’m sure there is more that I just can’t stand. I’m 3/4 of the way through. I just need to keep on keepin’ on.

My process this reread is reading the book and then watching the movie. This one is going to be rough with all the changes that were made and the actual events being fresh in my mind.

Anyone else an avid Harry Potter fan? Do you have a book or movie that you just hate?

-Amy Uncharted



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