Positively Grateful

Welp, it’s quite possible the transmission in my car went out. And yet, huzzah! I still feel positive about life. I’m unemployed, have no way to pay for this car issue, and will probably have to take out a hefty loan, but ya know what? Life is pretty good. Again, I am acing this Reckless Optimism.

Gratitude journals are all the rage and I can’t say I’ve hopped on that train, but it’s been more of a mental thing for me since quitting my job. I feel I haveĀ more to be grateful for now.

-I am breathing and my heart beats normally
-I am educated
-I have the most easy going cat
-I have a place to live
-I have access to clean water

The list goes on. How cheesy am I being right now?

I just feel good. That is all.

-Amy Uncharted

OOOHHH also I forgot to wish everyone a happy MONDAY October FIRST. I love when the beginning of the month lands on a Monday. Maybe that’s why I’m feelin’ so good.

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