Cold Brew = Pure Bliss

I literally run on cold brew coffee.

I am feeling refreshed. Air has suddenly filled my lungs. My heart is pumping. My eyes are starting to see the world again.

Today I found a new coffee shop. It’s pretty cute. As a matter of fact I’m sharing a counter with a tiny succulent and what I can only assume are 4 professional bloggers. God, wouldn’t that be the life? The job. The goal. To just sit in coffee shops talking to the internet all day everyday. *Sigh* One can dream. If only my life were exciting enough to be a lifestyle blogger. I do want to get more serious about my blog though. Starting with an update of photos.

I woke up this morning and had a good long read in my bunny slippers. Ah yes, the  first few days of unemployment are blissful. It’s the days after that panic starts to set in. I do; however, feel pretty confident that I can get this production assistant plan off the ground. I’m going to do a couple of unpaid projects coming up, but I’m hoping they will lead to some connections or hey, I’ll even take friendships.

Also if you just some random things that don’t deserve a whole paragraph:
Avril Lavigne’s new song is awesome (save your judgment)
American Horror Story is creeping me out. Good job.
I just finished The Sinner with Jessica Biel and highly recommend it.
Reading “Well that escalated quickly”…also highly recommend.
I’m only 20 books into my 50 book goal for the year. Let’s do the math (10 books a month)

-Amy Uncharted

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