Goal Manifestation and the Hustle

Happy to report that the mood here has improved. I still hate my job, but the meds make me just go through the motions. Not something I want permanently, but we are in survival mode here people.

So I’ve mentioned I have goals that have no wavered even in this slump I’ve been in. I’ve been hesitant to mention this goal because it seems so unreachable and yet I know  I will make it happen. I’ve never wanted anything more.

I want to work for Unicorn Island Productions in any way shape or form. Even if this means for free. I.Will.Make.This.Happen. I have no idea how mind you, I just know that I will make it work. I want to go to work at something I’m passionate about. Unicorn Island Productions tell stories that aren’t being told in mainstream media and that is what I’ve fallen in love with.

I won’t be told no. I won’t be told “Amy, that’s not going to happen”. I will fight for this. I will come back to this post and sit in awe at the power of a good hustle.

-Amy Uncharted

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