Vision Boards

I feel at a loss today. I’m in yet another coffee shop. Starbucks my old friend. I should be at work again, but I’m not. I have a doctor’s note and a stack of benzodiazepines. Is this blog getting boring, too real, too heavy? Comment below.

Sorry for the bummer attitude of these most recent posts. What can I say? Amy Uncharted just isn’t feeling as positive as usual. And it’s a weird thing. I’m not feeling depressed per say. I still have my goals in mind that I’m actively pursuing. Life doesn’t feel all that bad. I am just reaching this point where I need to do something of value and what I’m doing now just seems so pointless.

I have this app on my phone called “Subliminal Vision Board”. It’s an electronic vision board generator. I’ve been using it quite heavily and it’s pretty fun and helpful. I’ve created one for Money, Career, and Friends. It’s cool because it lets you add music too. You can take a “Subliminal Take 5” where you look at your vision board while the photos flash in front of you and the music plays. I’ve been watching mine every day and it’s part of what has kept me as positive as possible. Here is one of my vision boards:

vision board

The music that plays along with this one is Lilly Singh’s “Voices”. I find it very inspiring.

I will leave you with that video.

-Amy Uncharted

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