Random Life Events

Much has been going on here, but I haven’t been writing about it. Too lazy I suppose. However, I’m 63 pages into The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and it’s changing my life. Seriously having a brain explosion over here. So maybe I’ll be writing more?

Last I wrote I was looking forward to a couple of things: The Marian Hill concert (it was great!) and the Not Too Deep live podcast…also great (and have since been to another one). Annnnd in a couple of weeks I will be seeing Mamrie Hart and then there is Pride. June is shaping up to be a pretty good month already.

I’ve been movin’ and shakin’ over here. I tell ya’ doing things by myself has opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve seen 2 movies, been to a restaurant, explored Santa Monica, checked out a couple new bookstores, and gone to a few shows. I’m busy busy.

Rewatching Charmed and it’s amazingly cheesy, but I can’t stop. That’s all I had to say about that.

I’ve started running again, with the hopes of running a 5k in August. I must say it’s quite humbling to go from running a marathon to needing to start the couch to 5k program. But I’m doing it and hope for good results.

Side and unrelated but cool news. I found this pretty cool metaphysical store. I’ve never been drawn to a specific tarot deck before. It’s usually oracle decks I find. But when I was there this weekend I found myself instantly in love with the Tarot Familiars deck. I bout that and a tarot 101 book. It is after all on my Resolutions list to understand tarot. ALSO! I bought a piece of Moldavite! It’s a rock created from a meteor impact 15 million years ago and it’s beautiful! I’ve wanted one for awhile but haven’t been able to find any. Metaphysical store came through!

So that’s my update. Nothing mind blowing but life is moving a long. I’ve got some short term and long term goals I’ll discuss in more detail next time (if I remember).

-Amy Uncharted

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