Working and Living

My job has been keeping me busy. I’ve had very little time to blog…obvs. Life in the work realm has been going pretty well. It’s a bit mindless. I just enter in orders…all day. It’s not entirely bad though. It’s an office job. There isn’t a dress code. WIN! Health benefits are free. There is a rooftop eating area that looks at the city. The company buys lunch for employees once a month…and vegan offerings are available. And fresh brewed coffee is provided in the mornings.

It’s a bit strange though. I’ve never worked in a job where there is so much independence. I don’t have to tell anyone if I’m going to go to the bathroom. I can take my breaks early or late or whenever I want. No one cares what I wear and right now (until I’m trained on phones) I don’t have to talk to anyone. This. Is. An. Introvert’s. Dream. I really am going to have to work to make friends here though. I tend to keep to myself at lunches. Rarely do I eat because I’m just too nervous around people I don’t know. This should change once I’m more comfortable with the environment, but for now it’s just how it is. People seem friendly, and I’ve had brief conversations with people where they introduce themselves and I immediately forget their name. Literally the worst thing about anxiety. When people introduce themselves I’m usually having a conversation in my own head about how awkward I must be right now. Am I sitting weird? Smiling too much? Making uncomfortable eye contact!? Before ya know it the conversation is over and I have no clue what they said. Fun stuff.

The apartment hunt: I believe it’s over. I found this place in Santa Monica. It’s a room in a 4 bedroom house with a cool group of people. It’s a purely vegetarian household which is pretty awesome, 15 minutes from the beach, and close to work. Everyone there does yoga and meditates on the daily. I think it will be a good environment to be in. Living with other people is 1000% outside of my comfort zone, but I feel like it could be a really good set up if I just let it be. Anyways, so it all hinges on WillyBean right now. I’m bringing him by tomorrow to see how he does with the 2 small dogs that are there. They were super sweet when I met them and don’t think there will be any issues. After all that’s sorted out I can move in asap. Also nice. It’s a 3 month lease situation. I feel so much more comfortable with this knowing that it’s not a year long commitment, and who knows, maybe I’ll want to stay forever.

So things are coming together. Slowly but surely. Also, I say slowly, but I need to back myself up here and realize that I’ve been here just over a month and already have a decent job and am on my way to solidifying a living situation. Not too bad.

Side note: Mamrie Hart liked another one of my instagram comments. We are pretty much best friends now, as I will have 5 copies of her new book by the time her book tour is over. I’m thinking of doing an instagram giveaway for the extra books I’ll have.

OH YEAH! I also did end up winning the print of Mamrie’s life motto! And *blush* I also signed up for another giveaway to win a pin of her super cute dog Beanz.

be4e48fbb4d6e0172ee392a7c906a6adWhat a god damn magical creature.

Well, I think that’s my weekly update. Tomorrow is the next Emilie Autumn meetup, so I might be back to give you all the deets on that. I know you’ll be dying to hear 😛

– 𝒜𝓂𝓎 𝒰𝓃𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓉𝑒𝒹


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