Emilie Autumn Meetup


Last Sunday was the Emilie Autumn Meetup. I’m not blogging this post for any reason except to have a documentation of the experience here. This is what I posted in the Striped Stocking Society Facebook group:

*This is a long ass post. I just want to preface by saying this doesn’t really give any info as to the contents of the meetup from a treasure hunt perspective. Just my own personal experience as someone who went to meet other plague rats.*
I know there have been a lot of people wondering about the meetup. I haven’t said anything because I don’t really know how to. I suck at writing and expressing myself in general (get ready for some massive grammar issues and run on sentences). I’m feeling super self conscious. :/ What’s more, I also have the WORST memory on the planet…no joke. I often feel too dumb for this place and the incredible story that Emilie has created. Hello insecurity!
Anyways, I want to be straight up here and tell you I went to the meetup less for the treasure hunt and more for the companionship of fellow plague rats, as I’ve had a really difficult time with the clues and puzzles. My brain just doesn’t work well. So this write up is coming from maybe a different perspective than others who were there. All that aside…the meetup was so well put together, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It was performance art at it’s finest and I’m constantly amazed by Emilie’s creativity and devotion to her fans.
So when I got to the coffee shop, I wasn’t really sure where to meetup so I sat on one of the picnic tables outside until some other plague rats sat down. I was so nervous, but asked if they were here for the meetup and we chatted for a bit. It was a little after 6 when we were told we needed to be upstairs. Once upstairs we moved some tables together, and it wasn’t until I sat down, that I noticed the maid sitting at a table alone, writing on a piece of paper. We all were kind of unsure about what to do. Should we wait for her to interact with us? Or were we supposed to do something to get things started? Jasmine, a brave brave plague rat, walked to the table and sat down. Immediately, the maid crumpled up the paper she was writing on and shoved it in her apron.
Then began the process that we all took part in individually. I can only speak for my specific turn. I know there were pieces here and there that differed from plague rat to plague rat. I think I was about 3rd in the group take Emilie’s hand. She seemed to really like my necklace and touched and admired it before we sat down. When we sat down she wrote, asking my name. We held hands and she looked into my eyes, like she was trying so hard to communicate with me. This was an INTENSE moment. I’m not the greatest with eye contact, but it was so powerful to experience this. (Total side note: This moment alone reminded me of that Marina Abramovic ‘A Minute of Silence’ piece.) There was then a stack of papers that were flipped through to communicate with us, and we nodded with understanding at each page.
Here is where I’m sorry friends. I can’t remember what was written. I know we were being watched. I know we are going to be contacted in a fortnight regarding our hunt for the treasure. I’m so sorry for my lack of info. I truly feel bad :/
The papers that were used for communication were left with all of us at the end of the night. We unbound the papers and each took a sheet, which I’m totally regretting now. I really wish we had someone write it all out before, so others could have read what we saw. It is my hope that we can post pictures of our page and piece it together online. I’ve posted mine in the pictures section…but it was a very minor page.
After everyone had their time with the maid she had us all hold hands. This was really special to me. This group is such a supportive place, and I often feel that those I interact with are right there next to me, helping me through life. It was nice to have this physical representation, this reminder that we are all in this together.
Annnnyways, a plague rat was then given the paper instructing her to count to 100. After handing this off, the maid ran down the stairs and out of the coffee shop. When 100 was up, we pieced together the note, took our sheets of paper and rosemary that she left behind, and took pictures of what we could. We then dispersed. I wish we had all kind of hung out a bit more 😛  
I do apologize this is so long, and gives so very little information that will further the hunt for treasure 😦 I hope others, with a better memory than I, will come forward with more info.
I encourage any plague rat that was there to share any info they have that would help everyone in the SSS participate in the hunt. I think we may have been given bits and pieces of different information that once we all come together and discuss, will show a bigger picture.
I really am sorry that everyone wasn’t able to attend. I have hope that more events like this will take place all over and more will be able to share in this experience.
It was really nice meeting some plague rats in person. I do enjoy this group and, though I really struggle with my memory and puzzles, have so loved this treasure hunt. I think you have all done a great job figuring out what you have. I certainly wouldn’t have made it to the event if it wasn’t for all your help with the coordinates.        
Thanks for making it through this novel of a post. Again, I apologize I don’t have any worthwhile info.
-Inmate W10C

Again, this is mainly here for documentation purposes. I don’t want to forget that night. All my interactions with Emilie have been so wonderful and I always like to keep record of each meeting.

𝒜𝓂𝓎 𝒰𝓃𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓉𝑒𝒹


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