You have arrived!

To those who don’t know, I decided to pack up all my things and move on down to Los Angeles. Let me say, you haven’t really lived until you’ve driven 17 hours in 2 days, all while being serenaded by a very unhappy orange tabby cat, to the beats of the new Taylor Swift album.Β  Only when sweet, sweet Siri whispered those 3 magic words “You have arrived” was I able to take a deep breath and notice what had been around me for the last couple of hours. Glorious palm trees. That’s right, WillyBean and I survived the road trip. He was not a happy camper, and the kitty Xanax did nothing to ease his discomfort. I feel awful, but he is such a trooper and has already bounced back from the ordeal. And look! He still loves me!


So…we’re here. And honestly I need a big kick in the ass to get myself out of my brother’s apartment (where I’m staying until I figure out life details). I’m feeling extremely fearful about driving and parking. This isn’t news to those who know me. Thus far I’ve traveled on foot to: 2 grocery stores, a 7-11, and a coffee shop, and by car: Target, and 2 potential apartments.

Tomorrow, I have a job interview as a barista at a coffee/chocolate shop. I’m not even nervous for the interview, just the drive to Beverly Hills. Oh yeah, and I also don’t have any interview clothes with me. Yikes!

Basically, I’m just lacking confidence right now. I have a friend, Ri, who is really good at dealing with my unsure feelings. She will excitedly yell different mantras and manifestations at me, until I join along or just start laughing. If she were here I imagine she’d shout in her sweet sing-songy voice: “I AM SMART! I AM A SAFE AND CONFIDENT DRIVER! I LOVE DRIVING! THE UNIVERSE LOVES ME! EVERYTHING IS WORKING IN MY FAVOR!”

I think meditation, positive affirmations, mantras, laughing, breathing, etc. all work. So here’s a tip from Amy Uncharted to myself and you today: Use the silence to regroup, to prepare yourself so you can step out into that unknown world with more peace. Yes, it’s all unknown and that’s okay. Tomorrow, let’s meditate.

–Β π’œπ“‚π“Ž 𝒰𝓃𝒸𝒽𝒢𝓇𝓉𝑒𝒹


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